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As a Reliance Life Insurance Advisor, the sky is not the limit - you can go beyond.

In India, ever since the insurance industry has opened up, opportunities for insurance companies have become limitless. To tap this opportunity, they require insurance agents because agents are one of the most significant modes of bringing in much-needed business to the company.

At Reliance Life Insurance, you will not merely be an insurance agent you will be a Financial Advisor. You will have an important role to play because you have to give valuable advice to prospective customers about their financial planning.

Opportunities for Reliance Advisors

  • Make a good profit without a heavy investment.
  • Enjoy the benefit of residual income.
  • Maintain flexible work hours.
  • Earn attractive commissions.
  • Participate in exciting recognition programs.
  • Associate with Reliance - One of the strongest brands of the country.
  • Capitalize on the growing Insurance market.
  • Become a full time sales manager.

Becoming an advisor is simple. To know more, Contact Us.
Who can become an Agent?
Person, that is an individual, or a firm, company formed under companies act an become an agent.
What is an Examining Body?
It is an institution which conducts pre_recruitment test for the insurance agents and recognized by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.
What is license?
It is a certificate to act as an Insurance Advisor issued by the IRDAI authority. License is a must for starting the life insurance business.
What is training?
It is a compliance training by IRDAI for 50 hours and 9 days to become an advisors. It includes orientation in insurance sales, service and marketing. The modules for the training are approved by IRDAI.
Can I become a Agent?
Yes you can, if you are 12th standard or equivalent in urban areas. Otherwise 10th or equivalent in rural areas. 18 years old and should have completed 50 hours training.
How much fee should I pay?
The fees payable to issue the license to act as an insurance agent is 500/- only.
How long is the license valid?
The licence is valid for 3 years and after that it is renewed based on renewal training of 25 hours.
Is there anything I need to know before becoming an agent?
Yes, that is Code of conduct. It gives the do's and dont's of business after becoming an agent..
Becoming an advisor is simple. To know more, Contact Us.

Benefits for Advisors

Apart from being remunerated well, Advisors get a lot of recognition and can also win awards by participating in the monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly business competition. These business reviews can entail foreign tours and travel free of cost.

To truly see the benefits, you have to become an Advisor. While it is said that "seeing is believing', we at Reliance Life Insurance are one step ahead and say "experiencing is believing". Are you ready to experience?

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The Million Dollar Round Table, abbreviated MDRT is a trade association formed in 1927 to help insurance sales people and financial advisors improve their business practices and increase sales. The name comes from the fact that the founders had each logged sales of more than $1,000,000 in the year the organization was formed. They focus on improving technical knowledge and selling ability as well as maintaining ethical standards in an oft-maligned industry. Their programs and philosophies are one of the early forbears and focus on personal and professional development of their members, while enforcing a strict code of ethics.

MDRT promotes the "Whole Person" (formerly "Whole Man") concept, which was first presented to MDRT by the philosopher Mortimer Adler. According to Adler, "Whole Persons are engaged in a lifetime quest to achieve balance and congruity in all aspects of their lives and continually seek to develop their full human potential." The seven areas balanced by a "Whole Person" are family, health, education, career, and service, financial and spiritual.

Link to MDRT Website: www.mdrt.org