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Message from the chairman

My dear colleagues and valued members of the Reliance Group family,

These are unprecedented times for us all—our company, our families and friends, our society, our nation and the entire world. The devastating COVID-19 pandemic is transforming, perhaps irrevocably, the way we communicate, live and work. Refusing to discriminate between class and caste, region and religion, community or country, this invisible, lethal enemy has challenged us all in unforeseen myriad ways.

It’s been over a week since the lockdown announced by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. This has been a time of great learning and, more important, ‘re-learning’. Working from home for the first time has been a paradigm shift for many—that is certainly true for me personally. Adoption of technology is no longer a choice but an imperative to promote virtual collaboration. Becoming self-directed and independent and using the digital universe to achieve our goals is the urgency of our brave new corporate ethos.

In this time of cataclysmic churn, I write this note to say how humbled I am by your deep commitment and work ethic. It makes me incredibly proud to see you all coming together as an organic entity, building creative and collaborative ways to support our company, its customers and society at large.

Indeed, employees of Reliance Group have distinguished themselves at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.

For instance, our Sasan plant in Singrauli is providing power at the lowest tariff to over 130 million customers across seven states. Further, the Rosa plant and other solar plant units are providing power to over 20 million customers across India. I applaud our colleagues in these plants who continue to work with utmost caution and diligence to ensure power to all essential services, including hospitals, primary health centres, pharmaceutical companies, companies manufacturing test kits, ventilators and ICU equipment, and food and beverage companies.

Similarly, our colleagues in Delhi Discoms are ensuring that over 43 lakh customers, including the critical governance structures of national disaster management, medical establishments and the Central Government, are able to function without interruption.

In our roads business, our employees are ensuring the smooth transport of essential goods with safe, secure and obstruction-free roads. This is critical as the majority of our roads are on high traffic density corridors and on the Golden Quadrilateral spread across six states.

World over, this is a time when healthcare workers are proving to be fearless gladiators. I am pleased to inform you that the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai has been identified as one of the critical centres for isolation, treatment and intensive care of COVID-19. Dedicated beds have been identified and our staff trained and certified for the difficult task of tackling the disease head-on. My special thanks to Tina and her entire team at the hospital. I would also like to acknowledge our security and maintenance staff across India in different locations who are working to protect and preserve the company’s assets.

While we continue to work on mechanisms to ensure business continuity, our topmost priority is the health, safety and well-being of each of you and your families. We have stringently followed all government regulations with regard to personal hygiene, social distancing, work from home and complete lockdown. Simultaneously, we are planning our financials to ensure all employees, whether contractual or on the rolls, get their salaries on time, without any deduction owing to the lockdown.

Looking ahead, the Reliance Group’s presence in critical infra sectors puts a greater responsibility on us to emerge rapidly from this crisis and to contribute to building a new India. I firmly believe our employees, with their resolute passion, can-do attitude and first-responder mindset, will take the lead as we reconstruct our infrastructure and accelerate the completion of our activities to maintain our timelines.

As we take our first steps to restart and recharge our pursuit of growth and fulfilment, each of us will need to resolve for ourselves, both personally and professionally, the new norms we will need to imbibe and adhere to in the age of COVID-19. For many of us, our home will be our new default office battle station. Personally, I am fortunate to have Anmol and Anshul by my side at this time; their constant presence and support and, of course, seamless understanding of the demands of the digital age are proving to be invaluable.

In the coming days, I propose to reach out to you again on how we can operationalise our work so that we reach new heights in productivity, cost and quality.

My beloved father Padma Vibhushan and Karmayogi Dhirubhai Ambani famously said, “Pursue your goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversities into opportunities.” These words have special resonance for us all today. While we applaud the frontline warriors among us, and in society—from healthcare workers to essential service providers—let us also look within, stay safe and healthy, focus on our competencies, hone our skills, and play our part in ensuring a brighter, safer tomorrow, for the company and our country.

I stand with you, by you and for you, as we work, learn and grow. Together, we can and will overcome.

Best Wishes
Anil D Ambani.

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