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Death Claims

Documents required
  • Claim Form A - to be filled by the Nominee / Claimant
  • Claim Form B - Medical Attendant Certificate to be filled, signed and stamped by the Treating Doctor
  • Claim form C - Certificate of Identity to be filled by the person who knew the deceased other than Nominee / Claimant
  • Original Death Certificate issued by local Municipal Corporation or Competent Authority
  • Copy of all Medical / Hospital records (Admission Notes, Discharge / Death Summary, Test Reports etc.)
  • Copy of Medico-Legal Cause of Death certificate by the doctor confirming cause of death
  • Original Policy document
  • KYC Document of Nominee / Claimant
  • Bank details of Nominee / Claimant (Personalized cancelled Cheque or Completed Bank Authorization Form, attested by the Bank, along with a self-attested copy of Passbook / Bank Statement with IFSC and Bank Account number mentioned thereon)
Additional documents for deaths due to Accident, Murder or Suicide
  • First Information Report
  • Post Mortem Report
  • Newspaper cutting where available
  • Viscera Report / Chemical Analysis Report, where applicable
  • Final Police Investigation Report, where applicable
  • Copy of Driving License if Life Assured was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident (Applicable if In-Built Accident Benefit is payable, or Accident and Disability Benefit Rider is opted for)

Photocopies of documents should be self-attested by the Nominee/Claimant.

The Insurance Company reserves the right to ask for additional documents/information.

Lodging or notification of claim or submission of claim forms and/or claim documents to the Company shall not be construed as an admission of liabilities of the Company. No agent or official other than designated persons are authorized to admit any liabilities on behalf of the Company, nor to alter this list of documents or any claims requirements called for by the Company.

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3 Step Claim Process @ RNLIC:

Step 1: Claim Intimation and Submission of Supporting Documents

  • At all the RNLIC Branch Offices.
  • Directly to Claims Team at RNLIC Goregaon, Mumbai Office.

Step 2: Claim Assessment and Requirement for Additional Documents, if any

  • Claim documents and supporting documents will be scrutinized for completeness and adherence to policy terms and conditions.
  • Additional documents, if any, will be triggered and communicated to claimants within a stipulated turn-around time (TAT) of 3 Working Days.
  • If the Claim warrants an investigation, the same will be subjected to a Field Investigation and the Claimant will be updated about the same.
  • Dedicated Team to handle the claims and provide assistance to the Claimant through dedicated, toll-free Claims Helpline.

Step 3: Claim Decision and Payout

  • On receipt of complete documentation or completion of field investigation, as applicable, claim decision will be informed to the claimants and approved claims will be processed for Payout.
  • For speed and ease, subject to availability of valid bank details, claims will be settled through electronic mode such as NEFT.
  • Else, the payment will be sent vide an Account payee Cheque at the customers’ address registered with the Company.
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