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File your Life Insurance Claim in Four Simple Steps

Today, insurance is considered a necessity to help one secure themselves and their loved ones against the uncertainties of life. Insurance can act as a financial umbrella in adverse conditions, providing much-needed financial backup at a time of need. Various aspects of life are covered by insurance. Risk to life is covered by life insurance, there is health insurance for sudden hospitalisation etc. As important as it is to have insurance, it is equally important to know how it can be claimed in your hour of need.

The requirements to claim life insurance proceeds may vary depending on the life insurer, but some aspects remain common to all. So here are 4 quick steps to keep in mind while filing a life insurance claim.

  • Claim initiation/ intimation to the insurer:

For any life insurance claim to be made, the first step is to get in touch with the insurer and intimate them about the claim. All insurers usually ask the claimant to submit the claim in writing or by mail or through their website. A death claim intimation usually will require to have basic information such as policy number, name of the insured individual, the relation of the claimant to the insured, and death certificate in event of death among other details depending on the type of policy selected.

All life insurance policies outline their claim requirements in the policy document. Besides this, the claimant can also approach the nearest branch of the insurer to get more details regarding this.

Ideally, it is better to initiate a claim as soon as possible to avoid any delays in the claim process.

  • Submission of the Claim form and required documents:

Once the insurer is intimated, they would require the claimant to fill out a claim form with regards to the claim. Depending on the insurer, this can either be done in writing, through the website of an insurer or by email.

Along with the claim form, each claim will need to be accompanied by relevant documents. For life insurance claims, one will need to attach the death certificate, original policy bond, and claim form issued by the insurer along with other supporting documents such as bank mandate, proof of identity, address proof etc.

For accidental/disability/ critical illness claims- Copies of Medical Records, Test Reports, Discharge Summary, Admission Records of hospitals and Laboratories, Original Policy Bond & Claim Forms along with other supporting documents need to be submitted.

The basic requirements for any claim are usually, proof of identity, proof of address, bank mandate, and policy details among other relevant documents that may depend on the type of policy. In case you have a doubt while filling these details in the claim form, it is advisable to contact the insurer so as make sure, the claim is not stuck or rejected for any reason.

  • Verification of claims:

Once the duly filled claim form is submitted, insurance companies then proceed to verify the claim with the submitted documents. In case the insurer finds all the details of the claim to be true and complete, the insurer accepts the claim and the proceeds are transferred to the rightful claimant. In case of missing documents or incomplete details given at the time of submission of a claim, the insurer can keep it on hold until the applicant submits all the required details. However, if the claimant has given any incorrect information or concealed any vital information, it may lead to the rejection of the claim by the insurer.

In case of a death claim, it is important to note that as per IRDAI regulations, insurers are required to settle a claim within 30 days of receipt of all documents including any clarification sought by the insurer. So, it is important to clarify any doubts the insurer may have to get the death claim benefits quickly.

  • Receiving the claim amount:

Insurance proceeds are directly credited to the rightful claimant’s bank account via bank transfer.

Today, most insurers allow online filing and tracking of claims. It is thus important to give the correct email id and phone number to receive updates regarding the claim.

Do keep in mind to always keep the nomination details updated in your insurance policies, especially in the event of any change of circumstances in life.

In the case of life insurance, it is the nominee who is required to claim the insurance proceeds in the unfortunate event of the demise of the policyholder. This is why it is also important that the nominee/legal guardian, knows about the fact that the policyholder has or had an insurance policy.

There have been cases where due to lack of updation of nominee details or lack of knowledge of the nominee, insurance claims have either been rejected or not claimed at all.

For us, at Reliance Nippon Life Insurance, every claim settled stands for our commitment to honour our promise to our policyholders. We strive hard to work towards this commitment. Each of our representatives is fully committed to supporting you and your loved ones in the settlement of your claim. With your convenience being our top priority, we have simplified our Claim settlement process, both in terms of process and documentation. Further, to ensure that your policy benefits are delivered to the right beneficiary, we seek important information at every step of the Claims process.

Should you need any guidance through the claim filing process for your Reliance Nippon Life Insurance policy, please feel free to contact us at 1800 102 3330 or email us at

Alternatively, you can visit our nearest branch or send us the scanned copies of the duly filled claim forms and other mandatory documents at or send the documents via courier to - The Claims Department, Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Limited, Office no. 701 & 702, 7th floor, Silver Metropolis, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400063.


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