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Pro Tips for Becoming a Successful Life Insurance Advisor

Insurance is one of the most vital financial tools today. It can offer financial security and peace of mind. It is also a relatively affordable investment. Given the growing popularity of insurance products, becoming a life insurance agent can be a great profession. It can offer you job satisfaction knowing you will be not only guiding other people in their financial journeys, but more importantly helping them safeguard their loved ones. It can also provide good financial incentives for your personal needs. However, the role of a life insurance advisor is multi-faceted and can come with its fair share of challenges. Therefore, it is essential to follow some tips to be successful. This article talks about what it is like to be a life insurance advisor and how you can ace this role.

What does a life insurance advisor do?

A life insurance advisor guides people on matters of insurance. The professional advises clients on how to find the right insurance product for their needs. They recommend strategies for retirement planning, investment, and goal-based planning like saving for a child's higher education expenses, etc., through insurance. The life insurance advisor role goes beyond the sale of the product. It also includes guidance on investment and goal-based financial planning.  

Role of a life insurance advisor

It is important to understand that a life insurance advisor plays two critical roles. The first is as an employee of the insurance company, and the second is as a guide for the buyer.

For the insurance company

A life Insurance advisor’s responsibility can include the following:

  • Getting clients and business:

Since the life insurance advisor works for an insurance company, their primary target is to generate business for the insurer by getting new customers and retaining/servicing the existing ones.

  • Spreading awareness of the Insurer and insurer’s products:

The life insurance advisor spreads awareness about the insurer, its products and services, features and advantages, etc., in the market. An insurance company may have several products to offer. The responsibility to get the word out can be on the advisor. This can be done by approaching people through personal and professional channels, word of mouth, cold calling, and other similar ways.

Towards customers

A life Insurance advisor’s duty can include the following:

  • Understanding the client's needs:

Every client is unique and can have a distinct set of goals. The life insurance advisor is responsible for identifying these goals. Many a time, customers may be confused or uninformed themselves. In such a case, the life insurance advisor is expected to inform the clients of the prospective products that can help them.

  • Recommendation of products based on the client's goals:

There are several insurance tools like term insurance, savings plans, retirement plans, unit-linked insurance plans, etc. Each of these cater to a specific category and goal. The life insurance advisor can recommend suitable products to clients based on their needs. For instance, if the client wants to save for retirement, they can invest in an Annuity plan. If they are going to prepare for a child's future expenses, they can invest in a Unit-linked Insurance Plan (ULIP).

  • Help with the buying process:

The purchase process can be cumbersome. The clients may have to fill out forms, appear for health check-ups, submit documents, etc. The life insurance advisor can help simplify the process. They usually help with the filling up of forms, ensuring the client has the necessary documents and can understand the purchase process of the company. 

  • Help with doubts and queries:

The clients may have doubts or questions from time to time regarding the premiums, payment modes, policy terms, claim settlement, etc. The life insurance advisor provides the customers with all relevant information for the same. 

  • Assist in claim settlements:

The claim settlement process of each insurer can differ from the other. The life insurance advisor helps the nominee with the claim filing, submitting essential documents, filling out forms, etc. Life and health insurance claims can come at a trying time in a person's life. Therefore, the life insurance advisor tries to help the customer with continued assistance and support. 

Signs you may need an advisor

Here are some reasons why you may require a life insurance advisor:

  • You do not have time:

If you lack time to research insurance products, compare plans, and understand the nuances of their features, you may require a life insurance advisor. The advisor can help you save critical time by doing the work on your behalf.

  • You do not have knowledge of insurance products:

If you find it hard to comprehend how insurance plans work, the computation of interest, investment options within plans, the legality of policy documents, taxability rules, etc., you can hire a life insurance advisor to help you understand the intricacies of your policy.

  • You are not happy with your current or existing life insurance investments:

If you do not like the way your existing insurance plans are working and are not seeing the kind of financial protection you hoped for, you may benefit from hiring a life insurance advisor. The advisor can recommend ways for you to benefit from your current plans or suggest switching to other plans to ensure you meet your goals.

What are the costs of a life insurance advisor?

The costs of hiring a life insurance advisor can differ from person to person. Typically, life insurance agents earn a commission from the insurance company. The exact costs can depend on the type of policy, the sum assured of the plan, the policy term, etc.

Closing note 

The life insurance advisor role is critical for both the insurance company as well as the customer. These individuals can offer great value to anybody in need of insurance. However, it is recommended to obtain your license to enhance your professional success. Thanks to the ease and convenience of the internet, it is now easier than ever to buy insurance directly from the company. Customers no longer have to visit the insurance office, stand in a queue, or take out time from their busy schedule. Yet, understanding the nuances of insurance and making the right call as to which product is the best fit for an individual can be confusing. This is where a life insurance advisor comes in. Today, life insurance advisors must be more proactive to reach out to customers and offer them valuable advice that can benefit them over the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is hiring an insurance advisor worth it?

Yes, hiring a life insurance advisor can offer several benefits. The foremost benefit of hiring a life insurance advisor is getting personalized experience and service. Getting life insurance though a life insurance agent can speed up the purchase process, help customers buy plans that are suited to their needs, solve doubts quickly, and more. So, it is worth the marginal cost.

  • Is it mandatory to hire a life insurance agent to buy insurance?

No, it is not essential to have a life insurance agent to buy insurance. These days, one can walk into the insurer's office or visit their website on the internet to buy an insurance plan. However, an advisor can help choose the right insurer and plan.

  • How can customers choose the best life insurance advisor?

Customers can check the licenses of the advisor to be sure of their credibility. They can also ask friends and family members for recommendations. Google reviews are also helpful in going through the feedback of other customers and picking a suitable advisor.


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